2023 Family Fun Day & BBQ, Knettishall – Sunday 16 April

What a day! The first photographs can be viewed on the Hanky Planky Photos & Reports page, which is also accessible from the Wacky Races menu, above.

Hanky Planky Wacky Races Photos & Reports

Family Fun Day & Season Opener, A Day at the Races

The intention is to have a fun filled relaxing day of flying and banter to mark the opening of this year’s flying season.

Assisted experience flights will be available.

Whilst there is no set format for the day we are expecting that plenty of Hanky Planky’s will be in attendance so, given the current weather conditions which may have prevented some from trying out their Hankies we plan to hold the first round of the Hanky Planky Wacky Races in the afternoon thus giving time in the morning for fine tuning! 

Find out more about the 2023 Hanky Planky Wacky Races, season long competition. Visit the Home of the 2023 Club Competition – Hanky Planky Wacky Races here.


Gates open at 10.30 with BBQ at 12.30 ish and Wacky Races at 14.00.


Access and Parking

We are using only the factory gate for the day.

You will not need the access code.

Knettishall Location & Directions


Help Appreciated

If you are able to help organise, prepare or assist on the day, please speak with Ron Gray or Ian McDowell when you see us, or email Ian at ianmcdowell18@gmail.com.