Wacky Combat Members Builds

The May kick-off brought out a cluster of ‘late reveals:

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Chris Walby takes  step forward with, I believe, a ButchBird.

Wacky Combat Members Builds, ButchBird by Chris Walby

And, StevieB added to his run of impressive builds with a rather professionally illustrated ThunderBob

Wacky Combat Members Builds, Thunderbob by StevieB

Brian Ball with his Spitty, just before a very impressive maiden save and fly (the first underhand launch almost sent it back to dust)

Wacky Combat Members Builds, Spitty by Brian Ball


Ian McDowell with the son of the Bloody Red Baron, Von Leopard in a ButchBird

Wacky Combat Members Builds, ButchBird by Ian McDowell

Kevin Hunt with a promising looking Corsy…could not fly worse than last year’s Hanky Planky!

Wacky Combat Members Builds, Corsy by Kevin Hunt

Ken Holmes, a standout Thunderbob (after an eventful maiden we are hoping that Ken will build another)

2024 Feb Club Meeting

Vic Blackwood, with an impressive adaptation of the Thunderbob into a La LA-5

Meeting 20240129, Vic's Lavochkin LA-5 combat entry