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Builds, Repairs, Renovations most recent project first:  
  Warbird Replicas FW190 StevieB turns builder. Maiden video link is below under ‘Flying Videos’
  Wacky Combat plans Model dependant, see the selection from Ron Gray
  Can-Doo repair Ian McDowell breaks the Nigel Hawes designed Can-Doo and sticks it back together
  B J Craft Anthem with TMCR  That’s a twin motor arrangement for a contra rotating propeller set up, Peter Jenkins
  DeHavilland Hornet DH103  After a 2 year gap a return to:- Build, FF to power, Ian McDowell
  Hi8US, RCM&E plan Build from plan, Ron Gray
  Hanky Planky 2023 club competition model, Ron Gray
  Sedona – 4 engine trainer! Sedona enlarged, Dave Gregson, 
  YT 82″ Hurricane refurbish Incredible detail, Ron Gray 
  Can-Doo, canard by Nigel Hawes Canard from plan, Ian McDowell
  In-Line and Flat Twin Laser Engine installations Heavy engineering, Ron Gray 
  Viper Jet – HSD foam turbine RTF Foam gas turbine from HSD, copy of the Feb ’22 Newsletter article by Adrian Addison
  Mini Drake – Parkscale Models 24″ Flying video + pictures of the (planless) build, Ian McDowell
  F14 Tomcat, twin turbine Pictures and startling facts, Mark Hinton
  JU-88, Warbird Replicas Scale build, Ron Gray
  SE5a – VMC 16″  FF power conversion, Ian McDowell
  BF110 – Warbird Replicas  Scale build, Ron Gray
  Leprechaun XL  4m power glider, Ron Gray
  WotsWot foam-e  Repair, Ian McDowell
  Peggy Sue 2  Build from plan, Ron Gray
  Bowman Spatman  Built with a foam wing, Ron Gray
  Xtra Wot  Large build, Ron Gray
  Lavochkin – LA7  Scale build, Ron Gray
  Corben Super Ace  Inherited build, Tim Knox
  Mustang – P51D – TopFlight  Scale build, Peter Jenkins
  Spitfire mkviii ‘Grey Nurse’  Scale finishing, Mike Rieder
  Rascall 110″ – SIG  Renovation, Ron Gray
  DeHavilland Hornet DH103  Build, FF to power, Ian McDowell
  SBach  Rebuild, Ron Gray
  Hurricane – VMC 18″  Power conversion with retracts, Ian McDowell
Club Awards most recent first  
  Wacky Races 2023 Awards Photos of the prizegiving at the 2023 AGM
  Awards 2019 Various authors
Club Events most recent report first:  
  Wacky Combat plans Model dependant, see the selection from Ron Gray
  Laser 40th Celebration Ron Gray, Prizewinner
  3 in 1 (the Triathlon), 2023 A page of photos
  Hanky Planky Wacky Races 2023 A page of photos & reports
  Hanky Planky Ron Gray, 2023 club competition model
  WRA, 15 May 2022 Photographs by various
Club Member Interests most recent report first:  
  Tibenham Information and a photo history by Kevin Fairgrieve
  Club Members Various authors
Competitions with Club Interest F3a – GBRCAA Competitions 7 reports, most recent Sept 2022 – Various authors
Flying Videos most recent report first:  
  Warbird Replicas FW190 Maiden of StevieB’s build, flown and filmed by Ron Gray. Video links to Ron Gray’s YouTube channel.
  Wacky Combat 2024, FW190 FW190 Von Leopard – designed and filmed by Ron Gray. Video on Vimeo
  Can-Doo canard 2nd successful flight Ian McDowell – Direct to the video on Ron Gray’s YouTube channel
  Mini Drake -Parkscale Models 24″ Direct to the video on Vimeo, Ian McDowell
  SE5a – VMC 16″ (2 videos – Maiden + Fully Loaded)  FF power conversion, Ian McDowell
  BF110 Maiden + 2 more Ron Gray build, videos by Mike Rieder
  Leprechaun XL (opens in a new tab) Ron Gray build & hat cam
  Lavochkin LA-7 Mark Allen video plus hat cam by Ron Gray
  Aaron, YAK54 Aaron Taylor flying, video by Ron Gray
  Xtra Wot Ron Gray build, video by Ian McDowell
  Hurricane – VMC 18″ FF power conversion plus micro retracts by Ian McDowell. Ron Gray video
How to, Techniques most recent report first:  
  Li-ion Success Mark Allen tells the tale of constructing & using Li-ion batteries
  Website News Notifications The What and How news items I have posted
  Gazebo anchoring guide Ron Gray 
  Making servo extension leads Peter Jenkins, look at Part 3 of the B J Craft Anthem reports
  Choosing & Using Propellers Kevin Hunt, Glow/petrol prop selection/engine break in/propeller information
  In-Line and Flat Twin Laser Engine installations Ron Gray, heavy engineering
  Hot Wire Foam Cutting Ron Gray
  Spitfire mkviii ‘Grey Nurse’ Scale finishing, Mike Rieder
Indoor Flying Montages of Indoor Flying Ian McDowell