2024 Wacky CombatClub News

Club Meeting, 29 January 2024

An extraordinarily lively meeting, with several rarely seen members arriving for the crack!

What we learned:

Wacky Combat

  • Vic was quick off the mark with his 2024 Wacky Combat entry. I am assuming it’s a Lavochkin LA-5, resplendent in B&Q tester pot livery. Stars courtesy of Kevin Hunt. Vic, distressed by the size of B&Q tester pots, is apparently willing to give away sandy green and light sky blue samples for re-use by a worthy cause.
  • Ron Gray is actively working on an inter club element to the 2024 season. It appears this will require modest rule tweaking, but then, what’s new? With 27 models distributed you will stand out if you don’t have one of the selection available!

Inwood – Second Hand Models

  • Inwood Models, Huntingdon, have opened their second floor for the display and sale of second hand models. I understand that they have an open day on Saturday, from 12:00 – 4:00. Thereafter it will be open, I believe, for standard shop hours. James and Alex had a preview and report at least a 100 models available, at very fair prices.

Knettishall Improvements

  • With the aid of Darren and new member Chris Walby, steps are afoot to instal a solar battery charging station in the club hut. May take until March to get it up and running.
  • The incredible wet weather has done our new parking patch no favours. It looks as though someone seriously struggled to get a relatively large vehicle off the patch recently, leaving a nice rut for the unsuspecting. Please stay off the grass and park, as of old, in the lane until the weather improves and the ground recovers.
  • Weather has also constrained the start of repairs to the hut. These are now scheduled to take place in February. Ron Gray will be looking for volunteers.
  • In an addition, James is approaching West Suffolk for a grant for intended modest improvements to our facilities. Seems the least they could do after the debacle of Rougham!

A New Professional Show in East Anglia

  • Wings & Wheels is no more. Seems that Google have taken over the site. Plans for an alternative location have evaporated.
  • However, like a phoenix from the ashes, plans are well progressed towards a brand new professional show to take place in East Anglia. Planes, boats, vehicles and drones. Display pilots by invitation only apparently. Pencil in the weekend of 25/26 May (Spring Bank Holiday weekend) and watch for news.
  • If it takes place, our club is hoping to run the bring and buy element…as was the local clubs practice for Wings & Wheels. 


  • Alex Ladell has decided to take on the BMFC Facebook page and to breathe new life into it. 
  • We expect to be able to closely co-ordinate news and announcements across both the website and Facebook.

DIY Batteries

  • Mark Allen gave a brief insight into his exploration of new tech Lithium solid state batteries. He has disappeared down a rabbit hole with like minded flyers and built a safer, reliable and powerful battery at a reduced cost from the standard LiPO’s we are used to. I am expecting to feature an article on the website from Mark shortly.

Next Session Special

  • Vic is planning to deliver a presentation covering the introduction of the Buccaneer  to the RAF and RNAS. Likely to be a bit of a surprise.

New Member

  • Chris Walby has moved to the area and was elected to join the club. Just as well as he is providing suitable batteries for our solar charging station. Welcome him when you spot him at meetings/Knettishall.

West Suffolk Local Plan

  • Remember this? Its implications are rather wider for residents than ‘only’ the loss of our long established Rougham site. The district council are running a series of public ‘consultation events’ in the area – at Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall & Newmarket. The event in Bury is to be held at The Apex (upper floor lounge) on Wednesday 7 February.