Darren DuRose, F86 Trio

Darren very thoughtfully sent me a handful of photos of his latest passion – a cluster of F86’s, a spectacularly successful Vietnam era jet fighter designed to take on the MIG15. The F86 became the most produced western fighter jet to date, with a run of 9,860 aircraft, and wasn’t completely out of service until 1994. Frugal people the Bolivians.

In Darren’s words:

“Here’s a photo or some from last Monday. The maiden of my new FMS F86 was a complete success and a delight to fly. The FMS F86 (middle one) is an 80mm EDF model and their very lastest design. It comes in two schemes, The Huff as can be seen here and Skyblazers, the forerunner to the Thunderbirds. It’s made from EPO foam and features lots of scale details including air brakes and a detailed cockpit, although the pilot is a bit too modern for a 50’s jet. It can be seen here next to my new UMX F86 from EFlite, – also a success with many flights since its maiden two weeks ago – and the biggest in my fleet the HSD F86 120mm edf.”

Click on a photo to expand/scroll through the pictures (not so good on a mobile, but maybe turn it sideways):