Notifications Help

Notification Feed Test

I am trying to set up an automated system to notify users of fresh News Items*.

If your browser permits it, you should see an invitation to subscribe pop up when you visit this site. It stops doing that if you do subscribe, but does offer to allow you to unsubscribe.

‘Accept’ the notification behaviour, and you should thereafter receive updates whenever you open your web browser. Generally this behaviour can be altered from your own computer settings. For example, you may be able to allow persistent notifications on your Lock Screen.

And, of course, your own browser may be already set to hide the initial pop up and/or subsequent ones. Let me know or just subscribe.

I am pretty certain that I cannot send notifications to Apple Mobile Devices. But, frankly, who really knows?



*(For every significant change other than, say, publishing meetings minutes, I publish an introductory News Item. Therefore subscribing to the notification feed should help those who subscribe to remain up to date)